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Meditation Sessions

Learn how to focus the mind in the present moment with guided meditation classes with Yogi Mandhi.  Lessons can be served as an introduction to meditation for beginners or as a nice guided meditation treat to calm the mind, body, and soul.

Our highly qualified yoga instructors are trained and experienced with various styles of meditation and will share a few styles each lesson helping you find the best way to meditate!

​Each meditation session includes:

~A personalized uniquely crafted 45-minute meditation session (actual meditation time may vary depending on experience/ability)

~An introduction discussion on various styles of meditation; practicing a few during the session

~Our meditation instructor TRAVELS TO YOU!  Including your home/place of business, at nearby parks or beaches, or online!

~Guided meditation videos in a playlist available, complimentary meditation music playlists - taking musical requests, and app suggestions

Meditation Sessions: Service
Meditation Sessions: Image
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