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Businesses and Organizations

Corporate Yoga & Special Events

Need a highly qualified yoga instructor for your workplace or special event to travel to YOU? Yogi Mandhi has you covered.   

Yogi Mandhi provides a very creative and flexible service providing Office Meeting Chair Yoga, weekly and monthly corporate yoga classes, group meditation classes, and provides yoga team building activities and mindfulness in the workplace workshops. 


We also travel to your special events whether business or personal.  We will provide a highly qualified yoga instructor to travel to your conferences, workshops, birthday parties, or even on your vacation!

Yoga has been known to:

​ *  decrease stress

 *  relieve anxiety

 *  improve overall health (mind, body, & soul)

 *  fight depression

 *  increase strength and flexibility

 *  increase energy and productivity

 *  improve the overall quality of life

 *  enhance any special event!

Contact Yogi Mandhi today to create a unique yoga experience for your place of work or special event!

Corporate Yoga and Special Events: My Classes
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